Dance School Classes

Have you ever had a dream about taking center stage following the steps of Fred Astaire or Twyla Tharp, or perhaps be involved in a production of the Nutcracker? You have always been in the audience and now it's your chance to take the lead!

Dance is more than an element of theater arts. Whether you are taking dance classes as an aspiring professional or dancing as a hobby, dance can be proven to be a valuable life lesson for you and your kids. The benefits of partaking in professional dance school classes are endless. Dance promotes a healthy and active lifestyle and fosters positive self-image in both adults and children. A child that is introduced with dance in an early stage will develop discipline, and a love for a culture that influenced beyond academic excellence.

Dance is one of the most rigorous forms of exercise, and despite what many people say; it is both an art form and a sport. It requires the dancer to work many parts of the body muscles all at once. Dance includes strength and flexibility training due to many traditional dance routines relying on a strong, limber body. Dancers learn how to control the muscles of their bodies and achieve balance. With balance comes positive body posture, which is the definition of grace and poise. By developing consistent strength and flexibility training one will also be less than likely to be injured in the field.

A professional dance schoolteacher encourages you or your child to set a realistic, achievable goal. They employ challenging courses designed to cultivate self-growth. The ultimate goal in any teaching environment is to foster an independent decision making skill while developing active physical skill. By exercising the physical aspect of your body in a positive aspiring environment where a teacher gives constructive feedback can expand a healthy self-image. Supportive self-esteem will allow you and your child to enjoy social and community events.

Another great aspect in taking professional dance school classes is that it brings together a community. A professional dance school offers students leadership and achievement opportunities in participating in upcoming recitals around the community. The passion for rhythm inspires the people around you. You can be an inspiration to your community.

You become the role model, mentor, and friend from the life lessons that you take with a professional dance school class. You learn self-discipline, responsibility, and self-love. The lessons will ingrain with the decisions that you make. You become a better person, and boy do you look good too! Take the lead. Take a professional school dance class.

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Zumba Workout And Fitness And Its Origins

Zumba has been the word on many of people's lips as of late, be it on the news, on the internet or in the passing conversation heard at work whilst enjoying your coffee. You might be forgiven for believing that Zumba it is just another obscure fringe form of dance or some fad out of Hollywood, but think again Zumba is a tangible and highly accessible new form of dance based workout. It is a workout and fitness achieving tool for achieving better health and what is more is highly enjoyable and allows you to meet new people through dance and that is always a good thing in my book. Zumba unlike many other forms of dance is free from the convention of having to partner up with someone and hence no need to feel the embarrassment and shyness some people experience when first taking up ballroom or Latin dance forms; moreover this means you don't need to do Zumba with a partner or have to worry about finding someone to dance with and we all know asking someone to dance takes some bravery when not accustomed to doing it.

So to surmise Zumba is a brilliant workout, it improves fitness and general health and is a great way to get off the sofa and out of the house and to enjoy and achieve the fitness and health you have always wanted.

Where did Zumba originate from? Zumba is attributed to being contrived by Alberto "Beto" Perez a native of Cali Columbia, Alberto was during the mid-1990's a fitness and aerobics instructor and taught the traditional moves associated with his craft and had done this for a while. But as with some things they just seem to happen out of nothing; a happy accident if you will. Alberto one day left his usual aerobics music at home and instead had to improvise the music for his class. What Alberto did was use mix tapes of the music he that he grew up with such as Salsa and Merengue, and as if by magic Alberto had come up with a new way to dance to music and one that allowed the music to truly inspire how you moved. Thus Zumba as a dance inspired workout and fitness regime was born and a new way to achieve health and fitness and have fun whilst doing it had arrived.

In 1999 Alberto bought Zumba to America and was approached by businessmen Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion, they together decided upon the brand name Zumba Fitness and trademarked the name Zumba. In the following years Zumba's potential as a workout and fitness program really came into its own. DVD's were launched and with the Zumba Fitness Party brand really becoming widely known saw the first academy set up to train new instructors to teach this new dance inspired fitness phenomena. In 2008 the widely successful Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD was realised featuring Alberto Perez himself along with new Zumba Fitness stars Tanya Beardsley and Gina Grant. More recently for all the video game enthusiasts (myself included) a Zumba Fitness game was launched on all the major game consoles, the Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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The Origins and the History of Belly Dance

Belly Dance is a Western term for a type of dance that originated in North Africa and the Middle East, involving the forceful and sustained movement of the hips and other parts of the body. It might also be referred to as Middle Eastern or Arabic dance, or by the Greco-Turkish name ciftetelli.

Interestingly, the belly doesn't actually play a major part in the performance of the dance. It is the movement of the hips, the lower waist and the upper body that compels the belly to thrust violently, but the shape and size of the dancer's belly is generally not important.

Belly dance is most typically performed by a lone female as a form of entertainment in restaurants and at specific functions such as weddings and parties. Sometimes though it is performed as a group, and in some instances by men.

The dance has its origins in ancient Arab tribal cultures and made its way across Western Europe during the Romantic period of the 18th and 19th centuries. Its essentially spontaneous nature has led it to be hailed as a possible forerunner of modern dancing.

It was not however universally welcomed in Europe or in the USA, where it was viewed in some quarters as immodest and provocative. This was particularly so in the repressive environment of Victorian England. And yet in spite of this Middle Eastern and North African dancers entertained at all the major World Trade Fairs during this period, fully dressed but still displaying the movements that remained so frowned upon in sections of society at that time.

Nevertheless the essence of the Trade Fairs was for the Great Powers to parade the allure and exotica of their respective empires, and there was nothing which more epitomised the spirit and "feel" of North Africa and of the Arab world than the belly dancer.

In today's more relaxed environment the art of belly dancing is popular everywhere around the world. The style of dance is not identical from one place to the next and different variants have emerged. Today one might find a Russian belly dancer performing a local routine, or somebody else performing conspicuously Arabic dance movements.

What unites them all is the wonderful exotic costumes that they invariably wear, and which brighten up any function at which they are in evidence.

Belly dancers are much in demand at weddings, corporate events, celebrations and parties and are usually regarded as a safe form of family-friendly entertainment. Westerners are themselves able to learn belly dancing at classes that operate from school halls and local community centres.

Mark Richards is a professional writer working for The Middle Man, a business promotion service using its experience and expert knowledge of marketing strategy to generate important new business for its clients at a surprisingly low cost.

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Information About Online Pole Dancing Lessons

Pole dancing can effectively facilitate weight loss and shape muscles due to its mixture of strength training and cardiovascular exercise, the result is a sexy body. The sport tones up the whole body giving beautiful definition to the arms, thigh, abdominals and shoulders. Many participants claim that it improves confidence, self - esteem, body awareness and body shape. Many people have recovered from post natal depression and eating disorders due to the profound effect this sport has on a women's self-esteem and mental health.

For the past few years, pole fitness lessons have been offered by gyms, dance schools, bars and dedicated pole fitness studios. Some people have learned to dance on their pole at home. Pole fitness studios offer just pole dancing lessons whereas others offer a wide range of exercise classes including yoga, flexibility, strength and cardio classes. Some classes are just about learning pole tricks and spins and others teach you how to link the moves together to make short dance routines so that you get a cardiovascular workout as well.

Pole fitness today is extremely popular and very big business. Despite its wide availability some countries still do not have access to pole fitness instructors so lessons are not available and not everyone can make the sessions due to the day and times that they are available.

If you are unable to have lessons in the traditional way then why not learn at home with online pole dancing lessons? Online lessons are generally taught in 3 levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced. Many online lessons also provide strengthening and flexibility exercises and some teach you short routines so you learn the art of pole dancing and not just the tricks. Some ladies chose to enrol in online pole dancing lessons because they have small children at home and can't make lessons, there are no lessons available in their area or they prefer to learn on their own, from the comfort of their own home.

The benefits of online pole dancing lessons are that you can learn at your own pace, at a time convenient to you whilst getting all the benefits of attending lessons. Taking part in online lessons will lead to weight loss and it will shape your muscles resulting to a sexy body. The lessons will tone up your whole body giving beautiful definition to the arms, thigh, abdominals and shoulders. You may experience an improvement in your confidence and self - esteem as well.

The only disadvantage of online lessons is that you miss out on the social interaction with new people however some providers of online pole dancing lessons also provide online chat rooms and forums that you can meet people, share your experiences or ask for advice and tips.

Online pole dancing lessons are the way to learn if you don't live near any pole dancing studios or gyms which offer lessons in this discipline. You can also take these online lessons if you want a few extra lessons outside of your weekly lessons or your pole fitness course. Taking online lessons in addition to your weekly lessons may speed up your progression through the levels.

Online pole dancing lessons are widely available, however knowing who provides the best pole dancing lessons online can be tricky. Visit my site to find out who is the best provider.

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What Is The Right Bollywood Dance Workout Footwear For You?

Bollywood dance workouts are traditionally done without wearing any shoes. Dancing is mostly done on bare feet because it does not restrict the feet movements and makes performing the dance steps easier. Dancing barefoot is also very beneficial for the feet as it allows you to really work all the joints and muscle in the feet and ankles. Dancing with any shoes is usually difficult for many of us and therefore if you think that your feet and ankles are not strong enough, it is best to wear some type of footwear. Particularly as there is a lot of bouncing and jumping in some of the Bollywood dance routines, dancing without any shoes can be very punishing on your joints and knees.

Recommended Bollywood Dance Workout Footwear

The shoes and footwear that is best suited for Bollywood dance workouts should have good shock absorbers and protect your feet. When you perform the cardio dance steps and swivel and shimmy, you body will suffer a lot of shock in the knees and ankles, so proper shoes and socks is a must. Most of the Bollywood dance workout classes will allow you to participate in gym shoes and trainers as long they are solely used for Bollywood fitness training. The shoes are also required to have a non-marking sole as this will help prevent damage to the classroom dance floors. Thick socks are advised with your footwear, but avoid dancing just in socks on the wooden floors as this can cause injury through unwanted sliding.

Why Dance Shoes Work For Bollywood Workouts

If you are really motivated and want to practice Bollywood dance workouts frequently, you have to seriously consider getting some dance shoes, ballet slippers, jazz shoes or even dance sneakers sooner rather than later. This is because gym shoes simply do not allow you to move the various parts of your feet very much. Dancing shoes are solely designed to enable you to maneuver the joints in your toes, feet and ankles for optimum control, balance and strength when carrying out the dance workout moves. This allows for spinning and other dancing variations without excessive slipping and provides the much needed support and cushioning.

Bollywood inspired fitness workouts exude high energy and impact through its graceful yet electric dance movements. As you progress through its different and master the exercise program, your feet will become conditioned to the physical demands placed on it. This will make it easier for you to gradually ditch any footwear and workout barefoot in true Bollywood dance style!

In addition, you can get much more quality information about Bollywood dance workout by clicking

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Rumba: A Romantic Dance

Rumba is certainly a famous Latin dance cherished in societal dancing and practiced by professionals on ballroom dancing contests around the globe. The specific significance differs from region to island. The term "rumba" originates from the action-word "rumbear" meaning attending to dancing, parties and having a great time.

The "rumba impact" started in the sixteenth century along with the African and American slaves brought in from Africa. The ancient Rumba folk dance is primarily a making love pantomime danced tremendously fast with high hip moves and using a sensual and intense approach for the man and a protective approach for the woman. The melody is performed with a staccato beat in line with the expressive and energetic movements of the ballroom dancers, associated with musical instruments which include the claves, the Marimbola, the drums and the maracas.

It is a blend of African and Caribbean tempos produced together with each other in a really intense dance. In order to intensely and stimulate the music, woman dancers show sinuous motions of the hips, shoulders and torso as the man dancers attempt to respond. To genuinely understand and execute the dance you should experienced to really develop using the style and rhythms of the dance. You should also have to be fairly free and uninhibited.

Rumba is a slowest among the Latin ballroom dances but it doesn't mean it's boring, in any respect. The rumba is among the most intimate, romantic and sensual of the ballroom dancers, such as slow, unique body motions, specifically in the hips.

The significant part of any Latin dancer's preparation for the big event is searching for the Latin dance costumes for sale. You might have all the right moves, but without proper clothing, you'll miss creating a great impression for the judges.

In Europe, the development of Latin American dancing particularly Rumba owed much towards the passion, eagerness and interpretive capability of Chris Freville - London's top teacher in this dance style). Within the 23rd of July 1930 along with his partner, Doris Lavelle, Chris shown and popularized Rumba in London.

Chris Freville and Doris Lavelle introduced the real "Cuban Rumba" that has been finally set up after a lot of argument, as the official acknowledged version in 1956.

Rumba is a soul and spirit of Latin American dance and music. The amazing tempos and physical movement make the Rumba ballroom dance essentially the most well-known and distinct ballroom dances.

Andrew Becker is writer and lecturer. He was filled his writings with performing arts, foreign countries and exotic terrains, marketing, sports, new languages, the occasional earthquake, flood, or civil war, and cars.

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Pole Grip for Pole Dancing

Success in pole fitness requires agility, flexibility, power, core strength, determination plus pole grip. All of these factors with the exception of pole grip can be improved with practice and motivation. Pole fitness requires that you can stick to the pole for advanced tricks. Pole dancers who know how to maximise grip on the pole will produce a better performance and will master those advanced tricks. Those that don't grip the pole correctly you will not achieve the trick they want to master.

If you have trouble with gripping the dance pole, you're not alone! Many people have problems with their hands slipping on their dance pole during spins and tricks. Lack of strength and environmental factors can influence your ability to perfect a move.

Lack of strength when learning new moves can be a hindrance, increased pole grip can greatly enhance the ability to perfect a new move when strength is not great enough. The use of pole grip aids can help you to achieve a move when you do not have enough strength, you can build strength whilst using the grip aid and when enough strength has been generated the use of grip aids can be decreased.

Environmental factors can cause huge problems even when you have the strength and technique to perform a move. If the air is too cold or too humid it can prevent dancers obtaining the correct grip. Cold air can cause the pole to lose it stick and you must spend time warning the pole up. Excess humidity can cause the pole to be extra slippery even when the pole is warm.

Pole grips can improve grip of the pole on all skin surfaces.

Pole grips are for
Dancers who have problems with excessive sweating, to help prevent slipping during spinsStudents who are learning new tricks and want the extra confidence these products can provide during the learning processPerformers who want the benefit of improved grip during their shows, to help avoid slips, falls and other accidents

Pole grips are inexpensive, easy to use and are available worldwide. They offer many benefits including:
Improved grip and reduced chance of slips and fallsIncreased confidence when learning new moves or performing advanced tricks

When using pole grips be cautious as:
Grip powders and creams do not guarantee that you will not slip or fall! You must still ensure you have adequate muscle control and grip strength for the spin or trick you wish to performPole grips are not generally recommended to improve your grip for spinning, unless you suffer from very sweaty palmsIf you have sensitive skin, you may wish to apply a small amount to the inside of your wrist first and wait 24 hours to ensure you don't suffer an adverse reaction

Good pole grip with many parts of your body will help with the necessary pole dancing positions required for fun or competition. It is necessary in pole dancing to gain good grip while practicing in order to begin to trust yourself and move on to the next position. Without a good grip aid, practice time will be greater. Maximise your performance using a pole dancing grip aid.

The author writes information about pole fitness equipment. Find out more about pole dancing grip aids, discover the best pole grip available on the market at my website.

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Want to Learn How to Dance? Here Are a Few Pointers!

If there's one thing that can evoke much emotion, it has to be dance. Dance has been used for a very long time as a form of expression, and this is why it's still popular today. Most people think that the art of dancing is inborn; that some people just can't dance no matter how much they try. While some people are naturally gifted at dancing, it's very rare to find people who can't dance at all. For this reason, if you have ever had the opinion that you can't dance for whatever reason, this is very likely to be false, as if you get someone talented enough to teach you, you are likely to find it very easy to learn how to dance.

Why would you want to learn how to dance in the first place? Apart from the issues named above, the other benefit of learning how to dance is the fact that you are likely to increase your self-esteem. This results from a number of things which are related to dance. For instance, when you learn how to dance, you develop rhythm and you also improve other aspects of your life such as your posture and general physical look. This not only makes you more attractive, but it is also a very good boost to your self-esteem and should be harnessed for this reason.

The other benefit of learning how to dance is the fact that you would improve your dating life a lot. For instance, if you are a man, you would know that women normally want more from a man other than the superficial in order to have an interest in them. If you show that you can dance well, they will become more interested in you, and will be curious to know more about you. In this manner, the simple act of learning how to dance is going to make it much easier for you to have an active dating life.

If you need to benefit from the above through dance, you need to be aware of several things first. For one, you should know that you should be able not only to dance but to dance well. This means that you should choose a dance instructor who can make you as perfect as possible, instead of settling for someone who may not be very good at it. There are many dance instructors that you can choose from, but you should always try and choose the ones who seem to have a very good grasp of what they are teaching.

In any town, such dance instructors are easy to spot. All you need to do is use the internet or other means to prod around your arts culture in your city, and several names will pop up when it comes to dance. You should consider only those dance instructors who have a good reputation, as they are the ones who are most likely to give you the best dancing lessons you can find. You can also read the reviews of such dance instructors online as well so as to know which instructor best suit your needs.

Don't feel shy to take up dance lessons! San Francisco is a great city full of fantastic dance instructors so why not take up a dance today, perhaps the flamenco dance?

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How Children Can Benefit From Dance Lessons

There are a number of reasons kids take dance classes. First and foremost, kids enjoy them because they're fun. The right teacher will be able to make the lesson an enjoyable one for kids of all ages. However, fun isn't the only reason kids should participate in these classes. Smart parents know there are a number of hidden benefits to dancing. If you're thinking about signing your son or daughter up for lessons, consider these benefits.

Dance Classes Help Children Stay Active

America is in the middle of a national obesity epidemic and many schools have cut valuable programs like physical education due to budget cuts. Additionally, strict educational goals that must be met have left little time for recess. Couple this with the overuse of electronic gadgets like video games, computers and more and today's children are more sedentary than ever before. Dance classes help keep kids moving in an age appropriate, non-competitive way through movements that help improve range of motion, strength and endurance. Most importantly, dancing is a fun way to stay active. Children who are having a good time will be more likely to stick with the activity, whether it's soccer or a ballet class.

A Ballet Class Can Teach Grace And Help With Coordination

Dance lessons, but especially a ballet class, can help teach gracefulness, reduce clumsiness and improve coordination as the children learn specific movements. Lessons, whether in a private or group setting, also help develop a child's spatial awareness, while allowing them to move with imagination. Smart teachers will know how to draw out shy students and help them become comfortable and confident while going through the movements, so don't be afraid to put a timid child in classes.

Dance Classes Can Foster An Appreciation For The Arts And Music

Dancing is one of the earliest art forms that kids can appreciate. When small kids hear music, it's not uncommon for them to start dancing. Being encouraged to move in sync with music helps foster an early appreciation for both art forms. Some of the most successful business people in the country were involved in music and dance lessons when they were younger. The discipline associated with taking formal classes helps later in life and some studies suggest that exposure to music and dancing can even improve cognition as a child grows up.

Dance Lessons Focus On Teamwork

In today's society, children are expected to be more competitive with each other than ever before. Dancing, with the exception of solo performances, is largely a team effort that requires kids to work together and coordinate their movements. Children will learn to work together and many teachers and parents report that the more experienced children can actually take an active role in helping those that aren't quite as skilled.

Dancing is an excellent way to keep kids active, while improving their coordination and appreciation for music and dancing. Additionally, group lessons help foster a sense of teamwork, which is an excellent lesson for children of any age. To see how dancing can help your child, consider looking into local schools to find one that fits for you.

A Step Above Dance Academy offers dance classes in Batavia, IL. The school offers a number of different dance lessons in Batavia for students of all ages. If you're interested in learning more about a ballet class in Batavia or want to view a class schedule, visit

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3 Reasons Salsa Is Awesome and 2 Reasons It's Not

Why did you start dancing? If you are like me its because you wanted some sort of regular social activity that didn't necessarily involve a club or bar. You wanted something that you could work/improve; a hobby and something that could help you meet people. I started for all those reasons and its for those reasons that salsa is awesome. Let me clarify.

1) Its an alternative to bars

I love going out on the weekends, but I am not much of a bar/nightclub person. At least I am not anymore. The salsa scene is a great alternative. If gives you something to do and somewhere to go at night. Most cities have larger regular parties on the weekends and smaller more casual social dancers during the week. Salsa keeps me off my couch after work and gives me something to look forward to on the weekends.

2) Its OK to go alone

When I started dancing I didn't really know anyone in my town. Salsa lessons gave me something to do for a few weeks but as I started getting immersed in the salsa seen I realized that most salsa dancers are going just to dance and as a result most dancers come out alone. Its really funny actually seeing the line up to get in and everyone shows up alone, but knows everyone else who shows up alone. Its amazing how many people you will meet to the point that you won't even feel like you are showing up alone, cause you will now most everyone else there. Which brings me to my next point.

3) It opens up a social network and community.

Salsa is a community, a "scene". By that I mean that it has lots of regulars and people who dance tend to do it very regularly. People who get hooked on dancing and do it as their passion and hobby. Start dancing and very quickly you will see many of the same faces and sooner or later you will become one of them and start meeting people. Also whenever you travel you will be able to access a social network of salsa dancers in that city/town. Lastly almost every weekend somewhere in the world there will be a salsa festival or congress. I know have so many great memories of road trips with salsa friends to other cities to experience their salsa congresses.

Now here is why its not so hot.

1) It can be elitist

When I started dancing and even to this day there are people who will only dance with other "dancers" meaning they tend to be very picky and hold others to a certain standard. This is just one dimension of the scene and I am guilty of it myself. For most of us this tends to be a stage in development that most people will grow out of. I personally try to dance with someone new/beginner dancer every time I go out to help the community and the scene grow. If you have been dancing for awhile do the same.

2) It can lack a fun factor.

One of the major comments I hear from newcomers to the salsa scene is that it tends to be a little serious. As I said before the majority of people who are going out salsa dancing are their just to dance, but this can be a double edged sword. When not dancing a lot of the people along the edges of the dance floor are watching and there is not the social interaction aspect that I find in clubs and bars. Of course this varies, but its something that I see and hear a lot from Hong Kong to LA. This is not to say that people are not having fun, but the dancing tends to take precedent and people have fund while dancing.

So that is the salsa scene, good and bad like most things in life. If you are curious about salsa or want to learn how to salsa and are reading this I think you will find it a great adventure and something that will change your life...serious. If you are already a "salsero" than hopefully you will read the not so good and prevent it from happening to you and make your salsa scene even better for it.

Ivan Wan is a teacher and dance in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He originally learned how to dance in south america while growing up. He has been dancing for over 10 years around the world in a variety of dance styles, but is a self confessed salsa addict. You can contact him through his website

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The Many Benefits Of Dance Classes

There are so many significant benefits to experiencing the wonder and excitement of dance classes. Many of these are unknown to the everyday dance student. Could it be that one can not only find joy in expressing themselves through the art of dance, but that it can also be mentally and physically positive in other aspects of one's life?

Experience Ballet Class At Its Finest

Ballet has been an art form for students of all ages for years. In building grace and gentle movement, one also can develop strength. The muscular training for ballet class is intense, but develops over years of training and experience. Most find goal establishment in the art form rewarding on several levels. It also gives way to training for several other types of dance lessons, including jazz, hip hop, or tap.

There are several universities and private schools that also offer ballet as coursework or majors when obtaining an undergraduate degree. Did you know that some private colleges also offer scholarships to children who have studied the art of ballet via coursework prior to graduating from middle school or high school? This could be an excellent opportunity for any child or teenager interested in pursuing their coursework as a career in the future.

Taking Hip Hop Dance To A New And Exciting Level

One of the most evolving forms of expression in recent years is hip hop. Physically moving, hip hop has been rated by professional artists as one of the most exhilarating and exciting ways in which to exercise the human body. Wearing comfortable clothing is always an option and exploring differing genres of pop music is another fun way to benefit from hip hop as an art form.

This personality explosive art has been around for more than 30 years formally, but ranges in styles that have evolved from early African American movement. This includes that of popping, breaking, and much, much more. Children especially adore these classes as they can dress casually and truly give off a projection of their personality. Lively music that children hear on the radio can be incorporated into their formal training. What makes training and coursework more exciting than moving to songs created by current musical artists?

Why Should I Consider Dance Lessons Or Ballet Class?

It is obvious that the physical training and exercise is a great benefit to anyone enrolled in a ballet class or other types of dance classes. Studying to further a career that began with ballet class later on down the road is another fantastic way in which to utilize dance lessons. Most importantly, it is often said that dance classes can enhance the soul and truly give any child or adult a way in which to express themself artistically. With the number of benefits available to those studying or practicing the art, why wouldn't you try a course just to see what you have been missing all along?

The experienced educators at A Step Above Academy specialize in dance lessons in North Aurora, including ballet class in North Aurora. With dance classes in North Aurora for all ages and all levels of experience, visit the Academy's website for more information or to register today!

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A Beginners Guide to Bollywood Dance and Its Styles

Bollywood is the term used for the film industry of India. Originally it was a play on the words "Bombay" and "Hollywood". The Bollywood film industry is the largest producer of films in the world. Quite often people refer to Mumbai (formally known as Bombay) as the Bollywood capital, and Bollywood films are known for their love stories, colourful dances and music numbers. (Although contrary to popular belief, not all Bollywood films are musicals).

Since India's Independence in 1947, the Bollywood film industry has grown considerably and has seen many influences from other countries. Dance styles within the films originally derived from a mix of classical Indian styles (such as Bharatnatayam and Kathak) where the dancer would 'tell a story' through movement and was often danced in the temples; and folk dance styles such as Garba, Bhangra, or Rajasthani influences.

Whilst many Bollywood dances still have elements of these classical and folk styles, Western music had had a major impact on the songs written for more modern movies. From the 1970s, styles such as rock and roll, Latin, pop, r'n'b and hip hop started to make their way into the works of Indian composers. The western influence assisted in the Bollywood film industry in growing to other countries around the world, and now has a huge following in the UK, US, Australia and so on.

So, what is the difference between Bollywood and Belly Dance? Firstly, they both originate from different countries. Bollywood is from India where as Belly Dance originates from the Middle East, and whilst Bollywood can incorporate some moves from Belly Dance styles, there are more hand and body movements compared to Belly Dance (which is mostly from the torso and hips). You will also find that whist Belly Dance is traditionally danced by ladies, Bollywood dance is performed by both men and ladies.

The Indian culture has a love of performing - it's not about whether they can or can't dance, they just either do or don't. Go to any Indian Bollywood event, and you'll find they'll have no hesitation in getting up to dance, especially to some popular Bollywood or Punjabi tunes. So now you have more of an idea of what Bollywood dancing is, why not check out your local area for a beginners class and see that it's more than just 'turning the light bulb' and 'patting the dog'. Who knows, you may discover a passion for dance you didn't know you had!

Racheal Leigh is a Bollywood Dance teacher and performer, and the owner of Bollycise Bollywood Dance school in Brisbane (QLD, AU). For more information or to contact Racheal please visit

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How To Maximize On Online Pole Dancing Lessons

Pole dancing is an art that should be learnt and practiced from time to time. There are some basic things that have to be learnt first in order to build on this skill. Some online sites offer these lessons. Others are free of charge while others may charge a fee. Here is how to go about participating in online pole dancing lessons.

The basic steps are given first. Most of them require the person learning to download the videos to see the steps that they need to follow. It is a good way to keep fit while at the same time one has some fun.

Begin from the most basic moves, the beginner level. The complex moves require you to be able to perform the basic steps before you build upon these moves in order to achieve the complex manoeuvres. The videos have all the basic ones for starters.

Familiarize yourself with the pole first before the lessons begin. At first it may feel hard but with time the body will get used to it and the more complex steps will come naturally. The important muscles will also get used to the moves with time.

The basic things that are needed are a chair, music and with time, a pole. The music has to be of the genre that you enjoy and can move to easily. The chair must be stable enough so that it does not break causing the dancer to sustain injuries.

Start by downloading the videos to your computer. Connect the computer to a good speaker that will ensure the instructions are clear. Watch the video first to master the moves. Begin by repeating each step as it is. Do it over and over again until you are confident that you have gotten all the moves correctly.

Advance to the next step only when you are sure that you have mastered the move. After you go through the next step begin all over again. This is so you can join all of them to be synchronized. Do them repeatedly as practice makes perfect.

Learn the many different steps with time. Remember to allocate time for practice. Make it consistent since this dance requires consistency. Do it around the same time every other day to make the body used to the moves. Be strict on time and practice self discipline as no one will follow you up on this. It must be a personal interest if you want to enjoy doing it.

Discover the best online pole dancing lessons and compare the prices of the two leading online pole dancing lesson providers.

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Hip Hop Dance Moves - Learn the Coolest Moves for the Dance Floor

Welcome to my article about hip hop dance moves where I will describe what I have found to be important in regards to hip hop dancing from my experiences as a beginning student. I will hopefully encourage you to take up hip hop, because if at the age of 29 I was able to begin lessons and get a few moves together, then absolutely anyone can do it! I have never danced before and have absolutely no dance skills at all.

So what is important?

1. Feeling the beat of the music.

When you are beginning, it is easy to get lost in trying to get the moves correct, and forget that you are actually dancing to music. I was like that at the start, and it makes it less enjoyable and actually more difficult to get the moves happening. You will find that as you progress even just a little bit, that you make the best progress in learning moves when you are feeling the beat and moving to it.

2. Remember to bounce.

Most hip hop dance moves are done to the beat of the music, as described above. Almost always, the timing of the moves involves bobbing your head, and bouncing your body "up, down, up, down, up, down" to the beat of the music. All of the moves beginners will try to master early, everything from the two step, to the running man, all need to have the concept of "the bounce". If you don't have the bounce in your moves, you'll be dancing stiff and upright and will look strange. It is also a bad habit to get into, and if you are not bouncing, the moves are not timed well and it will be almost impossible to dance to the music in any way that looks good.

3. Warm up and Stretch

Warming up and stretching should be a part of every hip hop dance session. As you learn hip hop, take note of the stretches and isolation exercises your teacher takes you through so you might use them when you practice or dance elsewhere. Without a proper stretch you can injure yourself, or not be loose and ready to dance well.

4. Put a routine together

Dance moves should come together in a sequence, otherwise you will be doing the one thing repeatedly, or just randomly starting the next type of move as you go. If you practice your moves in a routine with steps that lead in to the next move, you can then store these transitions through practice and can use them in the future when you are dancing. With a few different transitions, you'll be able to dance smoothly for short periods of time quite easily.

5. Practice

Practice really does help you to remember what you have learned. The thing with hip hop, and other dance styles, is that physical learning is not like learning from a book. You can't just study it to learn it, you actually have to do it. Practicing short routines, even just for 15 minutes outside of class, can really help to consolidate the steps you have learned and ensure you don't forget your hip hop dance moves.

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Latin Dance Clothes: Spicy and Colorful Distinctives

In the world of ballroom dancing, the Latin dances are very well known. These spicy, sensual dances that originated in Latin America have made their way around the globe, and hold a special popularity in the United States.

The five International dances of Latin America used in ballroom dancing are the Cha-Cha, the Rumba, the Samba, the Paso Doble, and the Jive. All of these are distinctive in the style of music they are danced to and the moves they utilize, but can still be easily recognized as Latin-style dances.

These dances are known for their very distinctive moves, fast pace, expressiveness, and colorful Latin clothes.

The dresses and costumes traditionally worn in Latin dances seem to perfectly complement both its music styles and its dance moves. The characteristics of Latin clothes you will notice when shopping for ballroom Latin dresses for sale are usually very different from those worn in other styles of ballroom dancing. In fact, Latin dance costumes for sale are usually put in their own category.

The style of Latin clothes is usually sensuous, bold, and even, by some standards, bordering on risqué; featuring shorter, fuller skirts, a tighter fit, and more body-accentuating features to complement the sensuous dance moves.

You could say that Ballroom Latin dresses for sale are works of art, and without them, Latin dances would just not be the same.

In contrast, most other ballroom dancing styles are focused on grace and formality, and are thereby found in styles that are traditionally more formal, fancy, and modest, with longer hems and more classic styling - the perfect princess dresses.

These other styles of ballroom dancing favor ballroom dancing dresses and costumes which feature more muted colors in 'safe' combinations of pastels and primaries.

Latin costumes for sale are not so. In Latin dance, the brighter and bolder, the better. You will see red, bright tropical colors, neon shades, and often a rainbow of colors in one outfit. Everything draws attention to the body, mostly of the female dancer, and color does just that.

Latin dances are bold and expressive, so reason stands that Latin dance clothes should be, too. Slower, more formal dances seem to be well-suited to ballroom Latin dresses for sale. But, for the fast and provocative Latin dances we all know well, dancers look for the spiciest Latin costumes for sale to bring all levels of expression to the dance floor. offers the finest ballroom dresses/costumes & dance shoes in the industry. Nancy is a 5 year pro-am ballroom competitor in both American & International Ballroom. She provides quality ballroom dance apparel and accessories, and offers beautiful custom Latin dresses and more at discount prices.

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Ballroom Dance Classes

Do you have a wedding coming up? Are you trying to be more active in your lifestyle? You might want to think about that special dance that you are going to have to do in front of all those people. There are classes available for you to consider ballroom dancing.

Have you ever tried dance classes? They are so much fun when you can get in there and just dance. You will learn to ballroom dance individually, as a large class or with a partner. This is such a great opportunity because you are going to be able to learn new moves and understand your body better as well as meet new friends and bond with your loved ones. Whether you are doing this by yourself or with someone else there are many benefits.

You are going to get a great work out. Let's be honest here, we could all use a little extra exercise right? Well ballroom dancing really gets you moving and twisting. You won't even realize that you are working out because you will be having so much fun doing it. You won't even want to stop when the lesson is over! If you are having trouble finding the time to spend at the gym why not kill two birds with one stone and join a dance class?

Dance classes teach you a number of things. They teach you the strong points of your body and the weak points too. They will get your muscles moving in ways they have never done before and it will allow you to have a more attractive poise. You will feel a new air of self esteem wash over you and your new confidence will really show on and off the dance floor. Being in better shape and having stronger muscles is important.

Learning to ballroom dance is not too difficult but some of the moves can be a challenge. You will portray more elegance in your every-day life as well as impress everyone around you with your skills when you hit the dance floor. You are going to be much happier because your endorphins will be setting off through your new active lifestyle.

Ballroom dancing is a great addition to anyone's life. Whether you are trying to change your lifestyle a little bit, add more excitement or need to learn ballroom dancing for something specific you will completely benefit from taking classes.

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A Quick Ballroom Dance Lesson

If you are reading this, there is a big chance that you are either enrolled in a ballroom dance class, or are considering joining one. Well, whatever category you belong in, here is a quick ballroom dance lesson that can be of help to you.

Ballroom dancing is an excellent pastime to engage in socially. There are however, the basic dancing etiquettes that you should take note of. One of which is always asking your partner to dance. You can't just grab somebody in the sidelines and force them to boogie with you. Also, when you are dancing with your partner, never ever berate your partner for his or her mistakes. It is inappropriate and you do not want to embarrass your partner in public (even if you are right).

Your footwork is a critical part of your success on the dance floor. Your over-all performance, style and proper posture hinges on having the correct footwork. Make sure that your feet are parallel to your partner's. Put the most of your weight on the balls of your feet and take smaller steps so you can transition to the next choreography quickly.

While it is recommended that you practice with as many people as possible to be able to grow as a dancer- if you will be in a competition, make an effort to build a good rapport with your partner. When you are well in-tuned with each other, you will be able to anticipate each other's moves well and this translates to a flowing dance routine that is a great performance to watch.

One of the most basic things you will ever learn in ballroom dancing is that the man should lead and the woman should allow herself to be led. This is especially important when you join competitions. The judges will be able to recognize if the woman is leading and will deduct points from the over-all performance because of this.

If you are dancing with a group of partners in a dance floor, you will note that the slower paced dances, or even those couples who aren't as experienced as the others, usually hold court in the center of the dance floor. The outer rim of the dance floors are primarily inhabited by couples dancing faster dances. Start out in the middle of the dance floor and gradually work your way towards the outer edges.

Now if you are in the outer rim of the dance floor, there is also a tendency to get pushed to a corner. There is no dancer who is particularly fond of this scenario. When this happens, the best thing you can do is to gracefully turn and make a way back to the dance floor. Don't falter or lose your composure.

So there you go- a quick ballroom dance lesson for the excellent student that you are. I hope you learned a lot of helpful tips today. You can browse through more useful information in the articles included in this site.

For all the latest on all types of ballroom dancing lesson s and everything else to do with ballroom dancing, check out

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What Is Flamenco?

Flamenco is an incredibly fun form of dance and music that can help you to develop some great skills and that provides a great hobby and skill for you to develop. With flamenco you can learn to dance in a highly attractive way, get out of the house, meet new people, stay fit and healthy and generally have a great time. And what helps a lot is the fact that flamenco is highly popular at the moment and more so perhaps than ever before. Flamenco is now enjoyed the world over and is taught in many different countries. Of course flamenco is originally Spanish, but so popular is it over in Japan for instance that they actually have more schools there than they do in Spain.

Another great thing about flamenco is that by using a flamenco metronome it is possible to enjoy practicing flamenco at home and to enjoy dancing to flamenco at parties with your friends and to entertain your guests.

Here we will look at what flamenco is in a little more detail.

What is Flamenco?

Essentially flamenco is a form of music and dance which has its origins in Andalusian music and particularly Andalusian Gypsies who would have dances to that style of music. Thus using classes and a flamenco metronome it is man possible practice musical playing skills as well as dance and performance making it a very diverse area that anyone can enjoy.

Flamenco has several principle aspects that make it up. These are cante, toque, dance and palmas and these make up the spectacle that is flamenco.

Not sure what any of that is? Well cante is singing, toque is guitar work, dance is of course dance and palmas means hand clapping. If you ever watch flamenco dancing then you will notice that clapping the hands plays a large part and is very noticeable. In flamenco you will also often use a cajón which is a box-shaped percussion instrument that has its origins in Peru. This is then played by slapping against the front of the box with the hands. This then provides a slightly different form of palmas.

Of course like many styles of dance and music, flamenco can also be identified by its rhythms. By using a flamenco metronome you can listen to this rhythm and then join in by adding other layers over the top of this you can create your own flamenco music. The flamenco metronome will also provide the rhythm for you to dance to and this can help you to develop your skills or get others to join in at a party.

This flamenco metronome however does not work like a more Western European metronome in that it holds a steady beat. Rather it should vary and off multiple rhythms. One of the notable aspects of flamenco is that it utilizes a lack of 'regular' rhythm - in other words different instruments and elements follow different metric rhythms. Meanwhile though the flamenco metronome rhythm still leads the music and is crucial for flamenco to occur. Changes of chord or key for instance will usually coincide with the most notable down beats.

When you download the flamenco metronome app or purchase one you will notice the associated word 'compás' which means 'meter' or 'time signature'. This is what refers to the rhythmic cycle or layout of a flamenco song and this is what the flamenco metronome is crucial for.

Rhythms are highly varied just in Western music and can be 2/4, 4/4, 3/4, 12 beat and more. The most common is the 12 beat cycle, though this is further broken down into three different kinds - the peteneras, the seguiriya and the soleá. A good flamenco metronome needs to be able to create any of these rhythms.

To get started learning flamenco dancing or learning the instruments it can help to use a flamenco metronome. Visit the links for a flamenco metronome you can download on your smartphone.

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Where To Move To Become A Star

Deciding the best place to move when pursuing a profession in entertainment can be a difficult choice to make. While cost of living is higher than most other parts of the country, New York supplies a huge number of venues and services that are related to the entertainment industry. Los Angeles is also a great place because of Hollywood and the cutting-edge music culture that is not found in the rest of the US. While both offer similar benefits, there are many aspects of each city that must be taken into account before moving.

New York is undoubtedly one of the best places to see in the world. It is a gigantic city comprised of multiple parts and has anything anyone could ever wish for or need. It costs lots of money to live in New York, which will be the main concern when moving there. There are not as many job opportunities in New York for everyone, so most work at least two jobs unless they can get a well paying one. The rent is extremely high as well as the taxes. One room of a 5 room apartment with one restroom will often cost the total amount of a 3 bedroom apartment in a lot of other places in the country. Owning a car can be expensive for parking and fees, so many will need to get used to walking and public forms of transportation, too. If the individual is a traveler, it is a good idea to stay away from New York, since not having a car or major traffic problems keep a lot of people confined within the city for the greater part of their time there.

Los Angeles has bad traffic and is also relatively expensive, but the areas on the outside of it offer an easy commute and cost less to reside in, too. If someone is not acquainted with the area, places such as Woodland Hills and Santa Monica are excellent places to look at when searching. Each of these places also have many services to help one improve on skills as well; Woodland Hills dance lessons are available along with acting lessons. The downside to Los Angeles is there are disadvantages too. Los Angeles does call for high taxes to be paid, however they are not as high as New York's taxes. There are also issues with crime but if the right area is picked that can be easily avoided.

Los Angeles is fantastic for Hollywood, but for Broadway people will want to relocate to New York. To make it easier to travel and fund a music career, as a good example a Woodland Hills dance studio will be more affordable and be easier to travel to. Before moving to either place, it is a good option to have a big savings in order to preemptively deal with any discrepancies in the mock budget.

Karina Smirnoff, who opened her own Dance Studio, is most known for her reoccurring gig on "Dancing with The Stars" (DWTS). You can get Woodland Hills dance lessons from someone who is a highly trained master and passionate about dancing. They will work with you to determine your current level of dancing in order to better understand your goals and recommend an appropriate program to help you reach them.

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Pole Dancing Shoes: One Of The Greatest Accessories For Pole Fitness

If you are into dancing around a pole for fitness, then one fine choice for footwear will be pole dancing shoes. These types of shoes are very important for dancers who want to be able to pivot and grip the floor when they are spinning and twisting during their routine. The shoes are designed and manufactured with material that allows the shoes to have a strong grip.

Another fine benefit of these shoes is that they provide dancers with good posture when walking or standing, along with the fact that they also can make the dancers look really hot and sexy during their performance. Good posture when standing and dancing around the pole is essential.

The shoe will help a lady with her performance, as the footwear will offer plenty of momentum whenever pivoting as a transition between moves or pivoting at the start of a spin or twist action. Some dancers do not like to wear pole dancing shoes when learning new moves and opt to wear trainers or bare feet. But when performing a routine in a show or competition pole dancing shoes are beneficial.

Pole dancing shoes are worn by strippers in gentleman's clubs and by those participating in pole fitness. Pole dancing is being accepted and used by so many women who are taking part in their pole fitness programs.

Pole dancers require a lot of strength and those that participate and those that use this dance for the purpose of staying fit find that it is brilliant for toning up the entire body. The moves require you to lift your body weight with just your arms, use your arms to lift your lower body overhead, support your body weight on your arms during complex inverted moves. Those that take part achieve a cardiovascular workout when performing routines. 3-4 minutes routines require a lot of energy.

The choice you make in regard to the right type of shoes will affect the back and feet, the routine plus the dance and it will also affect the ladies ability to climb. Lower quality shoes are not a good choice, as you want something of excellent quality so you have the ability to execute the dance in the way that it was intended. Higher quality shoes will last much longer than cheaper brands.

If you are a dancer or take part in a fitness program that incorporates this type of dance for exercising, then you will want to use pole dancing shoes as your main choice of footwear. When practising you may opt to wear trainers but when you have perfected a move or during a performance you will want to wear pole dance shoes.

If your looking to buy a pair of Pole Dancing Shoes then take a look at this site all about pole dancing shoes and other accessories.

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Ballroom Dance Shoes

Dance competition TV shows are popular right now, as America catches the excitement of the newest dancing craze. The most striking popularity comeback can be witnessed in ballroom dancing, specifically. Everyone wants to float across the floor with as much grace or energy as their favorite television competitors.

The most interesting phenomenon about most of these shows is that many of them feature very inexperienced dancers. Some of the contestants really make you think, 'if they can do it, I can!"

Needless to say, there has been a huge increase in public interest in dance classes and lessons, and the attached market of dancing accessories. For those of you who have fallen in love with dancing and are contemplating your rise to fame as the next competitor on your favorite T.V. show, your first major purchase should be... a costume? No -- ballroom dance shoes.

You may not be able to afford the best shoes on the market, nor should you for your first pair. A basic pair of cheap shoes should do the trick. You don't want to invest in top-of-the-line shoes and then decide it's not something you have time to pursue right now. But you should still expect to pay up to $100 for a decent pair of shoes.

Just because you're not buying the most expensive shoes on the market doesn't mean you shouldn't be looking for quality, however. The best ballroom shoes are going to have suede soles. Rubber and other materials interfere with dancing technique, whereas suede allows you to glide easily without slipping.

The best dance shoes for women vary based on which dance is being performed, as certain shoes are essential to perfecting certain dance styles, such as Latin dances. But a good pair of basic, cheap shoes, often referred to as closed toe dance shoes, will probably have a 2 - 2 ½ inch heel that is flared for stability.

Men's best dance shoes are generally oxfords that have a shorter heel, from 1"-1.5" in height. They are fewer color choices than women's dance shoes, but men who are starting out in ballroom dancing should expect to pay about the same as women do for their cheap ballroom dance shoes.

Used shoes for dancing aren't recommended, as they are probably worn out and less likely to fit correctly. The ideal ballroom dancing shoe will fit snugly, but not tight. You don't want your foot slipping around in your shoe, but you don't want to be in horrible pain, either.

Lastly, the best shoes will do you no good if they are not cared for properly. Don't wear them outdoors, where the soles can get damaged from the elements. Take a cue from Mr. Rogers and keep your cheap shoes from looking like you bought them in a pawn shop.

Once you've got a great pair of beginner ballroom dance shoes, there will be nothing stopping you. Watch out, America, because you've got talent! offers the finest ballroom dresses/costumes & dance shoes in the industry. Nancy is a 5 year pro-am ballroom competitor in both American & International Ballroom. She provides quality ballroom dance apparel and accessories, and offers beautiful custom Latin dresses and more at discount prices.

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Tips For Basic Swing Dance Steps

You. Yes, you. I know who you are. You're the person who loves to dance. There are many of us you know, in different stages of development. Maybe you are just beginning and in need of some foundational instructions. Here are tips to add to your basic swing dance steps that will help get you on your way to becoming a dancing sensation.

Alright, the first thing we need to learn about is proper positioning. Swing dancing is a partner dance so you need to find a partner, preferably one that is not inanimate and is from the opposite sex. Always keep in mind that the man is the lead and the woman is the follower. Your contact consists of your hands and your eyes. Maintain good eye contact at all times.

The man should hold his right arm at a 90 degree angle holding the woman's and lightly holding the partner's waist or hip area. The woman's left hand should hold on to the man's shoulder or arm. Her right hand should rest lightly on the man's hand. This is the closed hold for swing dancing. It may vary so keep in step with the choreography.

While most dances should have a straight back, in swing dancing, your back must be slightly hunched. The knees should be slightly bent so that change in steps would be easier. Swing is generally a fast paced dance so keep your foot work small and precise so you would be able to keep up with the quick movements in the dance.

Even if you are just starting, endeavor not to keep looking down to check on your footwork. When you do, you will stumble all over yourself and worse, step on your partner's feet as well. Look at your partner. Build good chemistry with him/her. This will help you anticipate each other's moves better. As you progress in dancing, you will find that good partnering can cover and make up for mistakes that you and your partner may have made on the dance floor.

It's good if you have a friend you can partner with, but you should try to dance with other partners as well. This will help you learn from a lot of different people's styles and make you more versatile as a dancer and as a partner. When you master the art of partnering, other people will be lining up to have you to dance with them because they know that this is an integral part in any ballroom dance.

If you are just beginning in your swing dancing adventure, I highly recommend that you check out instructional dance videos to help you improve your steps. There are valuable tips that you can glean from the professional and experienced dancers who are teaching the online course. What's more, you can always play it back every time you feel that you need a refresher course on some steps.

Use these tips to add to your basic swing dance steps and catapult yourself in becoming a better dance in no time at all. Enjoy!

For more great tips on swing dancing basic steps and other types of ballroom dancing lesson, check out

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Learn Belly Dance Moves The Right Way

If you want to get a trim figure and enjoy yourself at the same time you can learn belly dance movements which will give you a low impact workout and develop a skill at the same time.

Learning how to dance the Egyptian way is not all that hard but some proper instruction will help you progress faster and this in turn will keep you going.

Belly dancing is a great workout device and will enhance your suppleness and flexibility as well as increasing your stamina.

The dance of the belly will also tone all parts of your body whilst retaining your womanly curves. Belly dancing is all about femininity and seduction and so it will make you curvaceous and sexy!

I would suggest that learning how to dance belly style is ideally done under the watchful eye of a professional dancing instructor at a formal class but this may not be convenient for every body for one reason or another.

The next level down is to invest in an online belly dancing course which you can follow at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

A good dancing instruction course will give you all the techniques required and a full explanation of what you should be doing ad how you should be doing it.

Most online course are delivered as a series of emails with videos attached. These type of courses allow you to work through each stage before going on to the next one so you learn to dance methodically and sensibly.

If an online course doesn't appeal to you then you could purchase one of the many 'Learn Belly Dance' DVDs that are available.

This is how I started out, practising on my own until I felt comfortable enough to go to an actual class. I must say, I need not have worried because the class I attended was fun and friendly and we were all novices together.

Another free way to learn dance movements is to head over to There are thousands of belly videos on the site and it's all free.

The drawback with this method is that it is unstructured and could end up confusing you or even causing you injury.

I will finish this article with only one piece of advice to any budding belly dancers and that is to go for it. Belly dancing is fun, sexy and a fabulous way to attain a great figure.

Try a belly dancing DVD You can also find some fun and sexy belly dancer costumes to give your performance that extra sparkle!

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Salsa Fever

Salsa dancing has never been more popular. All over the United States, deep in the heart of its cities, flourish salsa dance clubs. The dance is not only popular with those who share its Cuban/Caribbean heritage. Since the introduction of Salsa into New York in the 1950s, this expressive dance has been winning fans of all races and nationalities seeking fun, fitness, and romance.

Salsa has its roots in Latin dances, but has drawn from other musical styles such as jazz, to the point that it became its own distinct music and dance form. The name salsa comes from the Spanish word that means 'sauce.' Anyone who has seen a salsa dance will have no problem understanding why!

Latin dance clothes are usually the clothing of choice for salsa dancers, who appreciate the clothing's perfect, breathable fit. The designs of Latin dance clothes and shoes are fitting to the style of salsa, both in how the clothes are created to feel and function, and how they are created to look.

Because of salsa's increase in popularity, many dancewear manufacturers are creating salsa dance dresses and costumes that are particularly suited to its unique style.

Although many salsa group performances and informal events at clubs are danced in street clothes, there is something especially exciting about donning an outfit that screams 'salsa.'

Salsa dance dresses are made to be bold, flirty, eye-catching, and glamorous, but also comfortable. Because many salsa dance moves involve quick legwork, salsa dance dresses should allow freedom of movement.

Latin dance clothes suit salsa well because they fit close to the body and don't leave the dancer worried about their outfit slipping while they are so intensely focused on dancing.

Salsa is 'saucy', or expressive, and so are the clothes that are worn while performing the dance. Favorite costume accessories for salsa are shimmering beads and sequins, with accents often built into the fabric.

Men's formal wear for salsa is not as showy, but still fitting to salsa. A man's costume always compliments his partner's more showy salsa dress or costume.

Salsa is a modern Latin dance style that is only gaining momentum both as a formal dance style and as a street and dance club phenomenon, showcased on popular movies and television shows.

There is no end in sight to salsa fever, so why not try it out for fun, fitness, or who knows....maybe for love. offers the finest ballroom dresses/costumes & dance shoes in the industry. Nancy is a 5 year pro-am ballroom competitor in both American & International Ballroom. She provides quality ballroom dance apparel and accessories, and offers beautiful custom Latin dresses and more at discount prices.

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Ballet Pumps

When it comes to fashion, ballet pumps never run out of style. These shoes are good for all ages and are very flexible when it comes to mixing and matching your overall outfit. Many people believe that ballet can only be learned effectively from a young age. This couldn't be further from the truth. While younger dancers do have it slightly easier due to increased flexibility, age is generally not a deterrent to becoming a competent dancer. One of the chief benefits of learning ballet includes heightening the flexibility of your legs and hips.

Ballet pumps are the most important equipment a ballerina uses for ballet dancing. But this style of footwear is also popular for casual wear. You may have noticed that ballet pumps are becoming more abundant on the shoe racks at the stores and they are widely seen as trendy for everyday wear. It be noted that "pumps" is a distinctly British term as it is commonly used as slang for court shoes in North America. This type of shoes already has a wide array of designs and colors that one can choose from.

Because they are suitable for casual occasions, they are not only seen on the stage. They are form fitting and usually possess a thin sole. However, the soles on those made for casual wear are distinctly thicker for added protection. You can get them in just about any color in the palette and they match up easily with anything from a skirt and top to a great pair of jeans. Its strength lies in its ease of use and its versatility.

This is exactly why more and more women are opting to purchase them for their wardrobe. While traditional ballet pumps were made primarily out of canvas, satin or leather, those that are found at the stores are made from a greater variety. Flexibility of the foot is not of prime importance when walking on the streets, durability and comfort is. For that reason, they can be made from various plastic derived materials as well.

Cushioning is increased by thickening the sole slightly as traditional ballet pumps have soles that are far too thin for the kinds of surfaces we see on the streets. In fact, it is so thin that you will likely damage your foot after prolonged use outdoors. The cheapest varieties on the market are always those made from various plastic materials. They may look good and may have reasonable durability but they are usually hard to the touch and can never be accused of being comfortable.

The basic ballet pump that is chosen by women worldwide is leather ballet pumps. Leather costs a bit more but is far more durable than satin or canvas. It is also somewhat resistant to staining and is slightly water resistant to boot. For something with a high gloss finish, patent leather ballet pumps are also available. Similar to satin however, its high gloss finish tends to fade over time.

There also needs to be some amount of maintenance when it comes to leather goods. Various conditioners restore the inherent shine that comes with these products and may increase their resistance to water.

Shop with us for ballet pumps in silver, red, black and many more popular colors today!

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