8 Tips To Improve Your Dancing

1. Take dance lessons consistently. Whether its group classes, private lessons or online dance lessons, you need to keep sharpening your dance knowledge. The key is to have lessons on a consistent basis. That way your teacher will get to know what your strengths and weaknesses are and be able to help you improve quicker.

2. Practice frequently. Make it a habit to practice as often as you can. You can take all the lessons in the world but if you don't practice what you had been learning, you will not get anywhere. Make it a rule for yourself to practice at least 1 hour for every 1 hour of lesson.

3. Go out dancing on a regular basis. You need REAL WORLD experience so go out to nightclub, a Ballroom dance party or a studio party for social dancing. Try to lead and follow different people and see how it feels. After the night is over, analyze within yourself what you did right and where you can improve.

4. Have a goal. Having a specific goal will motivate you to get better quickly. You will work much harder if there is a specific event you are looking forward to. Review your goals daily or weekly for absolute commitment. Some examples of things you can work towards are competitions, showcases or a wedding dances,

5. Dance with people who are better than you. The more you dance with people who are better than you, the quicker you will get to their level. Dancing with advanced dancers will also push you outside of your comfort zone.

6. Take lessons from teachers who push you to your limits. It is important to find teachers that will expect a lot from you and don't settle for second best. The best teachers should be critical and yet provide guidance and instruction to help you become a better dancer.

7. Visualize your dancing. Have a clear image of what you want your dancing to become. You should visualize yourself dancing in your head daily. Then, when you practice at the studio try to move towards the image you have in your head. This clarity will help you work towards the dancer you want to become.

8. Make technique a priority: It's not what you do, it's how you do it. Many people want to do the triple spins and all the other "crazy material" way too early. Work on the fundamentals first. Remember, even basic steps can look amazing if done right.

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By: Leon Turetsky
Professional Dance Instructor

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