Salsa Dancing - The Beat of International Dance

Salsa dancing is popular all over the US, Europe, South America, Latin America and even parts of the Middle East. Salsa dancing originated from the Cuban Son and the Afro-Cuban dance of the 1920's - 1940's. The dance can be performed with a partner or line a line dance form or a circle. Salsa dancing has taken its own style in different areas. There is NY Style, LA Style, Cuban Style, Puerto Rican Style and several other styles. We are going to focus on NY Style.

NY Style Salsa Dancing is danced in a line. Nightclub Salsa is one of the most popular styles in New York City. It accents the second and sixth beat of the music. It was "invented" by Eddie Torres, the Mambo King. The NY Style Salsa dance is more elegant than the LA style. The NY Style is also referred to as Mambo Style or On2.

NY Salsa dance parties are quite popular. Women love to dress to impress, and often have custom made salsa outfits. Clothes can be bought on line or in stores. The outfit has to be comfortable to dance in and look great as well. Shoes can be open toe, closed toe, Cuban thick heels, boots, or platform shoes. Part of the elegance of the dance is the right shoes to go with the right outfit.

Men love to dress up too! Ladies and audiences love a well dress leading man. Men's salsa shirts have attached trunks with snaps at the crotch. Pants are high waist with no belt. This combination makes clothing comfortable with no worries of a wardrobe malfunction on the dance floor. Men's dance shoes have a 1 1½" heel. Shoes can be leather or sneakers.

There are several Salsa Dance Clubs in New York City. It is best to take lessons if you have never danced before. Classes vary from Beginner to Advanced. Beginner classes teach basic steps from the beginning, breaking down each step. Advanced beginner starts to put these basics together into a basic dance. Next is intermediate partnerwork. This is where a couple will start to master their turn patterns, execute multiple spins and style their movements. Finally, the dancers will be taught "Shines" which are solo steps where the dancer gets to showcase their moves and style to the audience.

Once you feel comfortable with your lessons and clothing, it's time to step out into the limelight. There are salsa socials, dance clubs, night clubs in every part of New York City. New York is a huge city, so it won't be hard to find a place to dance. There are clubs in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx and of course Manhattan. You can go to a small, intimate club to one of the huge dance clubs with multi levels, depending on your personal preference and your companions. There are some reasonably priced clubs in Manhattan, but many have a cover charge, pricey drinks and expensive food. But, that's what Manhattan is about, it is the greatest city in the world!

Salsa dancing is a great way to get in shape by using all of your muscles. So put on your new dancing clothes and shoes, put on your makeup, grab your partner and go have yourself a great time.

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