Teaching the Unteachable: If You Can Imagine It, You Can Achieve It

I understand how you feel. With some students, you feel like you are endlessly adding fuel to a dying fire. You correct feet, arms etc to discover that they un-correct the moment you let go. It is like working in a factory on an item that will not sell. Our task is to sculpt bodies, but some bodies will never execute the correct technique. These students are not lazy. Most have an outstanding work ethic. They always show up, ready to dance and take whatever is before them with great attitudes. But life in general often dishes out great injustices. These people are endowed with few physical or often mental assets to help them with the demands of dance. Their bodies forbid them to advancing, some more than others, let alone have a dancing career.

We as instructors painstakingly aim for strong legs, a 3/4 releve beautiful arms and supple bodies. Luckily we gain strength, stamina and some style. For dance it takes three main attributes- talent, passion and the ability to implement corrections. Some people only come with passion or drive. You can correct the technical problem but there is no improvement. you cannot beautify their line. It is so unfair you want to cry. You wonder if what you are doing has any merit what so ever.You wonder what you are doing wrong.

You need to keep a mental list of the positives that come out of a quality dance education even if it does not produce a dancer.It will instill poise and fitness for life and a cultural education.It teaches alignment, body awareness and a way of presenting oneself in any situation. Helps to develop an appreciative audience. Gives physical and mental exercise that prevents senility, and aids in the formation of new connections to the brain made even stronger with the added use of music.

With all this in mind, remember all students, even those with little aptitude benefit from taking class. This type of thinking will give you the strength to continue doing, what you do so well, week after week and class after class.

This idea came to me after discussing with another teacher of mine about her choreography and observing classes and teaching every week. With keeping the positive thoughts that benefit any student of dance, do not give up. Teaching is a hard career to choose. Constantly remind yourself that not everyone has the passion for dance, the ability in body mind or spirit. r the talent. The benefits are great!

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